lunedì 28 settembre 2020

Her kind of man

🎧 Out of time. Blur.

Human being is free to choose, to go elsewhere, to stay together, to leave, to give, to take. He is the one she has seen in her dreams. For so long. Who is known as her kind of man. He's all she lives for. She's very hard to please, but when she meets her type she knows him. Because his eyes, his mouth, his hands, his shoulders, his arms, his neck, his butt know the answers to questions asked by her eyes, her mouth, her hands, her shoulders, her arms, her neck, her butt. I mean, right now, she has to think about her and all the questions that she will never answer. Human being is proud, too proud to admit it, too proud to apologize… She can, she must, but questions that she couldn't answer remain there. For life.

Come down to us.

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