giovedì 21 maggio 2020

W a n d e r i n g / E r r i n g

Everyone's talking about rebirth. Everyone want to be reborn into this world. But to be reborn, she should have faith. Maybe she just doesn't believe. But she believes in strength of dreams.

She believes in  the air charged with electricity and lightning flashed through the sky, in the continuous siege to nerves, in the soul that enters the soul. She knows that it sounds hard: you can shape your dreams, giving life to extraordinary experiences… If you can't then you just walk on by.

Has to wander forever between the winds. She doesn't ask much of life. She wants nothing more than a little bit of adventure from time to time. Each century, she would have to stop and recharge. Bent almost to the ground as in an elegant bow to a regal and pristine nature that asks for nothing more than to be respected. And loved. Before or after she must leave again. Without her.

Illustration: I'll go. - Sketchbook by Milena.

Bye Alex.

🎧 Blood Fire Death. Bathory.